Today’s “Angelus” explains how Conscience is mo’ better than Truth, and why the Non Veni Pacem message is just so darn unpopular

non veni pacem

Merry Christmas and Feast of St. Stephen, everyone!

So at the “Angelus” today, Antipope Bergoglio talked about how Jesus elevated “conscience” above “wordly religious powers:” HERE

“…the message of Jesus is discomforting, and discomforts us, because it challenges the worldly religious power and provokes consciences. After His coming, it is necessary for us to convert, to change our mentality, to reject thinking like before.”

Hmmm… does that remind you of anything? I wonder where he could be going with this. Oh that’s right; it’s that profound error of the Primacy of Conscience at the core (inter alia) of nuChruch, and the inevitability of Chapter Eight of Amoris Laetitia. Knock me over with a feather. “Reject that bad old thinking! Embrace the nu! Always forward! God of Surprises! Immutable laws don’t matter, man, that’s like so medieval, man. What’s most important is your feewings. Oh wo wo wo wo feewings.”


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About Tradition and Lace

And JESUS said…" For I will strike the Shepherd, and the Sheep shall be scattered." Mark 14:27 ******************************** It is the third day following the Crucifixion of Jesus. It is very early, near daybreak. Mary Magdalen arrives at the Tomb of our LORD. Her Beloved. Her Redeemer. The Son of God. The Paschal Lamb who suffered and died for our salvation. Mary discovers the Tomb empty. She fears the worst. Her grieving heart, mind and soul are in disbelief. Mary Magdalin, a true Disciple and faithful witness to the Passion and Death of Christ, naturally fears the worst. Has someone stolen his body!? She cries out.... "They have Taken Him!" "He is no longer there!" "Where Have They Taken My Lord?" "Please someone tell me, have you seen who has taken away my Lord?" ******************************* She is panicked stricken and confused. And then, her sad and searching eyes behold Him standing before her! ******************************** There is now only a False Catholic Church. One with a New Religion. Fifty years of deceit and denial of the Truth. So I ask ..... "Where have they taken my Lord?"
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