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Has the “Church of Darkness” Eclipsed the True Church?

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Read this post, then watch the short video with Father Albert of the Fatima Center. It’s worth your time.
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Interesting commentary from Father Albert of the traditional Dominican community of the Holy Rosary in Belgium.  I do not think he quite answers the question posed to him definitively, which posited that the Church in Rome, that is to say, the curia and the institutional hierarchy, are becoming so estranged from the Catholic Faith as to become “the seat of antichrist” (boy, won’t prots have a field day with that), but he notes that while the Church has not quite reached the point that the antichrist is literally reigning in it, much of the institutional hierarchy is preparing the way for that terrible eventuality.

Most troubling, the Church has, since Vatican II, and to a greater and greater extent as the years pass, lost those four distinguishing marks that reveal her to be the True Church and Bride of Jesus Christ, those being: holiness, unity, catholicity, and apostolicity.  Such is Father…

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